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Year 2: Day 126 – Thirteen

Isn’t it disheartening to realize
that I’ll never know more than I did
when I was thirteen.
In fact I don’t know as much now
as the average teen does.
Isn’t it hard.

When I toss and turn at night,
still mulling over all the ridiculous circles
grownups make themselves run,
isn’t there all that boiling jealousy
that I’m not young, I’m not wild,
I’m not free.
And I don’t know half as much.

If I could get back the clarity of being thirteen,
don’t I think I would.
Don’t I think I’d have all the answers back,
the way I had it all figured out
when I was thirteen.


6 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 126 – Thirteen

  1. I think it’s the rash teenage confidence, isn’t it? It’s always good to have the free spirit, immaturity through a mature mind is wonderful, it’s beautiful. The soul that speaks and shouts, that runs as freely as the wind, only tied down by its body. I don’t know, but it’s just that feeling.

    Actually I would say it’s the feelings, feeling things for the first time, the feelings that we then start to get used to after 13. Butterflies, nerves, fear, worry, love, all of it feel weaker as we grow. Nobody questions their feelings when they’re young, until they are told.

    I love this poem so much, been going through that same phase lately, rethinking relationships, revisiting dreams, looking back at my growth as a person. Gah the poem just made me rant. Thank you for this ^ ^ it’s nice to see others who think. It really helps. 🙂

    Fun fact, I’ve been feeling butterflies in my stomach lately, it’s great. Heh… ^ ^

    • You’re so right. As we get older we (supposedly) get wiser, but we pay for it in decreased emotional intensity. Sometimes I need to rant as well: this poem could be said to be a response to my frustrated daily dealings with actual 13-year-olds.

      • Hahah, must be interesting to see unaltered passion, cultivating and motivating it.
        I guess emotional intensity is related to an unstable life, but I kinda have the dream to have one even for a while, just seems more free, but the “wisdom” always reminds you of your responsibilities. Heh…

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