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Year 2: Day 154 – Angry White Girl Rap

It’s been a long time comin’
but I can finally say
all the things you mean to me
although it’s kinda cliche-

things like jackhammer, douchebag,
and selfish prick-
but you can’t judge my rhymes
because you’re dumb as a brick

We had a long history of me
cuttin’ you slack
‘cuz you knew every time I left that I’d be
comin’ right back

I had a lack of self-esteem,
you had an overabundance,
I’d say the game was never fair
but that’s just redundant

Every time I got a little brave
and we were apart
I used to pray that God would take the feelings
out of my heart

He has His eye on the sparrow,
you had yours on the door
but you swore it wouldn’t happen
like it happened before

And yeah, I fell for it every time
you fed me your lines
but that was my shortcoming
for not reading the signs

But now I’m free from your
sticky gravitational pull
and still you wanna call me up
and feed me more of your bull

About forgiveness and teamwork,
you wanna be friends,
but I ain’t got no time fa dat,
I know how this one ends-

We meet up once in a while
for a drink and a hug
and then you try to pull me back
and so I’m pullin’ the plug

I’m sayin’ peace to the drama
and the clouds you bring,
though if I had it all to do again
I wouldn’t change a thing

Because you taught me how to struggle
and then how to stand
and then eventually to realize
I’m in command

And that I got a backbone
and figured out how to rock it,
so say goodbye to the girl
you used to have in your pocket


11 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 154 – Angry White Girl Rap

  1. Couldn’t read this
    Without fallin’ into da rhyme
    You got it goin’ on girl
    It’s almost a crime.

    Ok, that was piss poor on my part, but I really like your rap.

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