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Year 2: Day 156 – The Decimal Rap

In this world
where we all live
we got Ones and Twos
and you’ll have to forgive
me for lumpin’ ’em all
into two basic groups
but that’s just how it is,
that’s the honest truth.
We got Ones who live
like they’re never gonna die,
and every single day
is a slice of pie
and we got Twos who pray
like they could die tomorrow,
no time for fun,
they’re busy singin’ the sorrow,
and neither group ever really
knows what’s up
they all drink the same water
from a dixie cup
and we all pick a side
to help us get by
except me…
and where am I?

somewhere in between,
I’m a point in the middle
of two extremes,
I can’t stay with the Twos
where I was raised
but I can’t join the Ones
because they’re kinda crazed.
an approximation,
a repeating counter
of my frustration.
I can’t live life
like it’s just for pleasure
but I know that every day
is absolutely a treasure.
an improper fraction
that never quite reaches a whole,
an abstraction.
I know there’s ways to argue,
make each side sound better
but until they reach a compromise,
I’m dead center.
before I leave this joint-
doesn’t every whole number
have an invisible point?


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