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New Song: Born To Fade

Songwriting is one of those things I love but never seem to have enough time for. But it’s not something you can really put into your schedule, either. I can’t sit down with the intention to write a song; it just doesn’t work for me that way. But when a song comes to you, you just have to drop whatever you’re doing and give it your full attention or else it’ll fly away as fast as it came. You have to be ready.

This one came to me last night on the drive home from work and pretty much cancelled all my Friday night plans. But I don’t mind. My one regret is that I never learned to play an instrument, which makes songwriting kindof difficult in that regard. And obviously a capella until I can con someone into accompanying… I need to marry a piano man, pronto!



Through the winter
Into spring
I will walk with you
and count the colors
on your face

In the summer
I’ll be there
But when the leaves turn brown
Honey I won’t be around

Oh, I wish I could stay here
forever, baby
But I was born to fade

You’re gonna call for me
on the wind
and shake the branches of
the trees we
used to climb

But I’ll be gone
far away
and though I’ll miss you
more than I
can say

It’s just one more beginning,
nothin’s forever
And I was born to fade

Born to fade
like the setting sun
Fade to grey
When our day is done

Ohhh, I wish I could stay here
with you forever
But I was born to fade


9 thoughts on “New Song: Born To Fade

  1. Kudos on a jazzy sad song that I sympathized with. And as Shery said, you do great with acapella.

    Thanks for contributing to the amazing community that is WordPress (and SoundCloud, but now I’m rambling).

  2. I too wish that I had learned to play an instrument. It helps to find a friend who does. I write hymns which we have sung in church and it is a joy to hear the congregation sing them. Make sure you find someone to play your song. It deserves to be sung.

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