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Breaking: Woman Walking Downtown Actually Cat-called By Group of Men

Reporters here at CharNN were shocked to learn of a cat-calling incident in downtown Orlando last night. A local woman, Shawna, 22, tells us she was walking alone from a parking garage to a bar to meet friends when this unfortunate tragedy occurred.

“I didn’t see any sports matches going on nearby, so I couldn’t figure out the reason for the shouting. I looked around to see if maybe these men were warning me about some imminent danger, but nothing.”

What happened next may be unsuitable for those with weak constitutions.

“I began to decipher the shouting and was just appalled. They were yelling things like ‘You look attractive tonight!’ and ‘I’d like to buy you dinner sometime!’ I was mortified.”

One daring man even went so far as to attempt to strike up a conversation.

“I was waiting at the crosswalk when this man asked me for directions to a certain restaurant. I told him quickly but then he made a comment about the weather and asked me where I was headed tonight. Who does that?”

Thanks to those unscrupulous creeps, one young woman’s night was ruined.

“I just figured our society was over that behavior by now. I didn’t think horrible things like this still occurred.”

Neither did we, Shawna. Neither did we.


9 thoughts on “Breaking: Woman Walking Downtown Actually Cat-called By Group of Men

  1. Of course all men are creeps. Every seemingly innocuous comment is woven with innuendo. The comment about the weather? Come on, now. You don’t have to be Doctor Phil to figure out what that’s all about. Have a nice day? Sure. Get lost, creep.

    I think I like CharNN.
    Sorry. Shouldn’t have said that.

  2. The nerve of those guys. You never tell a woman how nice she looks at a crosswalk. Now she’ll spend the rest of her life being a streetwalker, and we can’t have that! And that guy offering to buy her dinner? What was he thinking? What if she said yes? Then he’d regret having to spring for that Big Mac at McDonalds. There’s another $7 bucks shot. Thank goodness I get all my news here, Whats wrong with CNN! :O)

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