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Breaking: Motherhood is 100% More Fulfilling Than Anything You’ll Ever Do

According to a recent survey of pretty much every Mom ever, squeezing a small human out of your nether regions is equally the most burdensome and the most rewarding thing any female can do. While the hardships of birth and child-raising are enough to guarantee pity and guilty faux-respect from bystanders for a lifetime, the enlightenment of the experience ensures that moms get to hold it over their heads for just as long.

“It’s almost as if God himself came down and blessed my uterus with my own special little angel, and while he was at it he granted me all this insight and wisdom that non-moms just can’t understand,” said one chronic procreator. “I’m pretty much a sacred vessel of the future.”

This mom-specific wisdom has been the subject of much controversy among those selfish non-moms who obviously don’t care that there will be no one around to take care of them when they’re old.

“I don’t believe becoming a mother inherently endows someone with extra knowledge or experience that couldn’t be gained elsewhere, such as in professions which work closely with other people’s children,” said one bitter old shrew, Alexa Green. “Fulfillment can be gained from caring for children regardless of biology, such as in the case of adoption, as well as numerous other childcare occupations.”

But Alexa’s just a teacher, so what the hell does she know? At age 39 with no children of her own, she’s probably bitter that no one wanted to procreate with her, or that she chose an occupation which left her too poor to support a family. Even though she states that her “childfree” life was a choice, we know all it’ll take is the right man to come along and change her mind.

As for those women who have yet to experience the sheer miracle that is motherhood, we’re assured that it’s everything anyone has ever dreamed of and more, and it’s definitely right for you, despite what you may believe. Even this CharNN reporter now understands that she was a fool to ever believe in a socially-evolved society wherein women could aspire to anything greater.


9 thoughts on “Breaking: Motherhood is 100% More Fulfilling Than Anything You’ll Ever Do

  1. Well, Ms. Green, spoken like someone who has not had the privilege. Nor understands the privilege as a “privilege” but, perhaps subscribes to the limited idea of pregnancy/motherhood as a “right.” And, while I agree it is a woman’s right to determine the functions of her own body, motherhood is a privilege firstly. But within the perception of the mere limitations of the body is where the bitterness appears somewhat irresolvable. That if regarded as a privilege women who have been unable to conceive might be able to free themselves from such bitterness in the idea that ‘if we strive to emulate Our Blessed Mother Mary, we can all be mothers through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Motherhood is perhaps the ultimate participation in divine providence and God is so mysterious that it is possible that even being barren can be providential because without Ms. Greens commentary there would not be this engaging post.

  2. While I agree that motherhood is the ultimate creative pursuit, there are many who are unable to participate in it because of physical problems or the fact that they have never met their soulmate partner.
    We mustn’t negate their loving generosity in adopting a child or in using their motherly skills to educate, nurse or mentor children. Motherly talents are not universal among women, but those who go on to use their creativity in other ways deserve our respect, esteem and appreciation.

  3. Yea, me too. Not quite sure what you were trying to say. Sounds like someone has been making you feel guilty about not having children? Or not wanting children? Whatever, you certainly don’t need to drink the kool-aid if you don’t want to. This is one place I DO believe in a woman’s choice. I would wish more women would make this choice before getting pregnant rather than after. God bless.

  4. Oh, Charlotte! While I have never squeezed a live human being from my nether regions, and will never fully understand or appreciate the bond it creates between mother and child, I can tell you that being a father is probably a close second to what you’re describing. There is a certain unconditional love that is realized when one becomes a parent. People love their dogs, people love their moms and dads, but it simply pales in comparison to the love for your own child! I always tell people that they will not understand it until they have their own, much like I probably can’t even comprehend how much stronger that feeling is had I birthed the baby through my…ahem…limited opening. I have three and it is the most precious, wonderful, humbling, priority-shifting thing I have ever experienced. Great post.

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