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A Message from a Furious Teacher

This country is out of its damn mind if the only solution we can come up with to gun violence in schools is “arm the teachers.”

I became a teacher for a reason: to educate. To nurture. To inspire. To take care of your kids, and yes, jump in front of a bullet if I have to. But I shouldn’t have to.

I did not choose to become a cop or a soldier or a security guard. I am not a fighter. I am not a killer. I don’t want that on my hands.

You cling to your right to own guns but you have NO RIGHT to require me to take up arms that I don’t believe in.

I already have given up any chance at wealth to teach your kids. I have given up my free time and half my sanity. I come home exhausted every day, sometimes sobbing over somebody’s kid being abused or neglected or trapped in poverty or bullied because even though I know I’m doing the best I can, I can’t protect your kid from everything.

But now you want me to wield a gun? You want me to put aside my personal beliefs and have that responsibility forced on me too?

You want to ask that of me so I can keep YOUR kids safe?

I’m not the one failing your kids. YOU ARE. If you believe more guns are the solution to school shootings, go buy a gun and keep your kids home. Teach them your damn self. YOU be the one ready to stand in front of a bullet and stop demanding other people do it.

Many teachers already HAVE done it. Teachers lay dead right now from defending your kids. Has that stopped anything? If I kill an active shooter, does that do anything to prevent the next one? You think school shooters will be dissuaded by the chance that they will be killed? They’re suicidal. THEY DON’T CARE.

So don’t expect me to lay down my life for your kids when all you’re gonna say when I’m dead is “she should’ve had a gun.”

No, YOU should’ve done more to make sure YOUR kids weren’t at risk and asked yourself why OUR government doesn’t give a shit enough to do anything, and is content to let TEACHERS continue taking the bullets.


17 thoughts on “A Message from a Furious Teacher

  1. Well done. As someone from a country who do nit yave guns ( exceot my e villi s) I laud your felings they should be respected. I deplore guns used as a regular thing. Even our police do not yse them, except for trained special forces. As the Ausies say ‘good on yer’.

  2. I agree with you one hundred percent. I believe that if we give teachers guns we are just going to have more violence. Because at some point a student will get a hold of that gun. Someday the gun used in the horrific school shooting will be school property if we give teachers guns. Someday, some poor teacher is going to snap and that gun that they use will be school property. As a teacher, I don’t want that liability. As a human being I do not want a gun in my presence. As a person who believes in safety I don’t believe that having a gun around is going to make me safer. I believe that arming teachers is truly going to make this problem worse.

  3. There’s a saying, something about stupidity cannot be proven until a person opens their mouth, but for the life of me I cannot remember the actual words. Anyways, one person in particular just keeps opening his mouth and proving how stupid and dangerous he really is!

  4. Great post!
    People expect too much from teachers. Everything starts from the home.
    I have kids and dont want teachers having guns. Bringing a gun to a school adds an element that doesnt need to be there. What happens if a child gets a teachers gun is it the teachers fault then?

  5. It’s very scary to be teaching at this time in our nation. I hope, Charlotte, you have good friends and support around you. I hope you can feel secure in your school and enjoy teaching. No, we shouldn’t be expected to take bullets. I hope you will be strong and know those kids are blessed to have a hard working teacher who cares. I’m concerned when people expect the government to solve problems like this, though. Laws and regulations obviously do not prevent tragedies from happening. This nation must do some soul searching. Hearts need to change; we must all do what is right, we must love and respect one another, and teach our children to do the same.

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