Day 39 – The Other Side

It’s so obvious
you can’t stand it:
you’re on the winning side
of history.

How could anybody not see
that simple logic?

They must be bad,
must be evil,
must be enemies of virtue

to want the kind of world
you don’t want.

So you’ll yell,
you might fight,
you could spend your whole life
on a cause you know is righteous
and you’ll never win.

No one will.
But at least they won’t,

Day 38 – Sushi Love

One roll,
Two rolls,
Three, four, five

Sushi on a Friday,
What a time to be alive

Spicy tuna,

Rolled and chopped in pieces
Is my favorite kind of meal


I’m happy as a panda
Sharing sushi rolls with you

Day 37 – Bedtime Banter

“Honey why’s there sugar in the bed?”

“Prolly ’cause your bod is so sweet.”

“No for real, were you eating those Peeps in bed again?”

“Who would ever eat those cute little things?”

“Quit playin’ and tell the truth.”

“Fine, it’s from you ’cause you so salty.”

“…I’m gonna go eat hot Cheetos in your bed, brb”


*End scene*


Day 36 – The Difference

If you were ten
I’d be six;
if you were starting school
I’d be a baby,
if I was starting college
you’d be leaving it
and we’d have never met.

If you ask me,
it’s pretty lucky
that you were 29 drinking coffee
and I was 25 drinking tea;
that I wasn’t looking for a man like you
and you weren’t looking for me.

The difference was only
a teapot ready to boil-
two flowers ripe
to reach towards the sun,
the past laying ground
for one moment
when everything
was ready.

And the difference
doesn’t matter now,
we’re both 4 and 12 and 21,
reliving every stage again

Day 35 – Never Too Late

It’s never too late
to be strong;
never too late to do
what you should’ve done
if only you’d
had it in you then.

Nobody can teach you
what you’ll allow,
but the margin gets smaller
as time goes by

and you find that you can’t accept
some things anymore.

I was haunted by a failure
that kept coming back
to ask for forgiveness
for both of us,
but now I see
only one of us
deserved it.

It’s never too late
to do what you should’ve
if only you’d been strong.

And it’s never too late
to forgive yourself
for not
having it in you

Day 34 – Knock-Off Theme Park

Knock-off theme parks,
I salute you
for doing your best
and being just as good
as the giants who’d crowd you out.

A coaster’s still a coaster
without a trademarked face:

your teacups are chili bowls,
your cartoons are cowboys,
but your cotton candy’s fresh

and there’s no product placement
in the bathroom.

You’re filled with the kids
who can’t afford DisneyLand™
and for that alone
I give you props.

Day 33 – Thursday Night Baker

She bakes on Thursday nights
for that little extra edge,
Friday’s last push.

She’s crawling through every week
towards that far-off finish line,
and like a child,
she works best
for sweets.

Some of the others have diets,
some have yoga, some have wine,
but whatever it takes, man,

whatever it takes.