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Articles, Rants, & Asides

Published Articles

Here you will find a selection of articles I’ve written for various blogs and small publications:

Local Garage Band Refuses to Sell Out by Writing or Playing Music originally published by Central Florida Fancy

Judging By Books originally published by Local Heroes Today

Finding the Silent Truth: A Look at Why We Get Fooled originally published by Local Heroes Today

According to Plan: You’re Doin’ It Wrong originally published by Local Heroes Today

Children’s Literature: Not Just for Children (Duh) originally published by Way Too Fantasy


Rants & Asides

Every now and again I’ll take a break from poetry and write a diatribe about whatever’s bugging me. These have stirred up some great conversation among the blog community, so I’ve included them all here for convenience and lols 😉

Guest Appearance on WtF Broadcast #16 

I Ain’t Doin’ NaNoWriMo: An Aside

– Sunday Morning Ramblings: Another Aside

Goofin’ Off: A Playlist

I Hit 500 Followers Today!

My Feelings on Poetry and Why I Seldom Read Any: An Explanation of Myself

How I Stay Motivated Through the Gift of Groove: A Playlist

My Story, For Anyone Who Wants to Know

Time to Poll the Audience!

Llewyn and My Heart

Find Me on Goodreads! (But Not on Facebook)

Sharing the Wealth: Stuff I’m Digging This Week

Back from Atlanta!

NaPoWriMo: Say Whaaat?

The Beginnings of My First Anthology (!!!)

Featured in IWACA Magazine Summer 2014

Today is my 25th Birthday!

The End, A Miracle, and My Future

Now You CAN Find Me on Facebook!

Candy Pizza to be Released Tuesday, September 9th!

I Need Your Help!

Candy Pizza is Here! A Video Message from the Author


4 thoughts on “Articles, Rants, & Asides

  1. Hello, Charlotte,
    Thank you for following me on lifehelps and healingforhearts. May you find encouragement, inspiration and a laugh or two. I have enjoyed visiting you as well. I just started following you, so will come back again. Hannah

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