Day 44 – Exhale

Sure some things are going wrong
but if I forget about all that
a lot of things are good

I try to exhale all that poison
but the well comes up dry
and if there’s still a couple drops
there’s no harm
and who needs to know?


Day 12 – I Know Those Shores

To hear you speak of
that place, it seems
familiar, I know
where that is-

I’ve been there many times;
I know those shores.

I know the bleak and
empty skies, the blank
expanse of old routine

I know the sands don’t change,
I know they’re tired.

The sea, for you,
must feel the same-
no warmth, no
bubbling trouble-

no movement anywhere,
no life to breathe.

It wasn’t long since
I left that place, and
I still return sometimes
so I

don’t mind to come sit with you
for a little while.

And we don’t need to speak,
only close our eyes.

And we both know those shores
will be gone in time.


Day 273 – Overboard

Do I think I’m going overboard?

Do I think I’m off the deep end,
drowning in nonsense,

do I think I’m drinking the kool-aid?

Friend, I would never lie to you,
friend, you knew everything I was-

I never had a heart this big.

If I were drowning you would see it,
underwater you would know,

but I had never breathed this easy
on dry land.