Day 42 – Lulabelle

She was a princess
from another planet,
pure of heart and innocent,
captured by an evil entity
and transformed
into the foreign creature
which sits in my lap today.

She was a precious jewel,
banished from her kingdom,
her memory stolen,
and forced to live out
her days in exile
here with me.

She doesn’t remember
and I can’t tell,
but I know she’ll be rescued

And when she goes back
to where she came from
I’ll be honored to have served
the new Queen.


Year 2: Day 50 – Baby Cat, Baby Cat

Baby cat, baby cat,
what do you know?
Your momma loves you
and doesn’t want you to grow.

Baby cat, baby cat,
what do you see?
There’s a little bird for you today
and now a little tree.

Baby cat, baby cat,
what have you heard?
Your momma’s heart breaks at night
without even a word.

Baby cat, baby cat,
what will you do?
Will you still be momma’s favorite
when she finds someone new?

Baby cat, baby cat,
never you fear;
for all of your life,
she’ll be right here.

Baby cat, baby cat,
know this is true:
your momma loves no one
the way she loves you.