Day 41 – Content

There is nothing to tap into
when peace reigns,
nothing to say.

The dire needs of anger,
of longing, of grief
are not those of

and if anyone is content,
he’s not meant
to mention it.


Year 2: Day 81 – A Minimalist Perspective On Vacations And Food

There is something in me
that can’t quit at quittin’ time,
something that runs until it collapses,
that doesn’t believe in vacations-
long spats of couch suicide
and boxes of Queen Ann cherry cordials.

Never at any time do I wish
to go to Disney World.
I don’t know what I’d do.
I eat the same thing for dinner
four nights in a row.

Though my laughter in hidden places
is vibrant and real,
I am the other hand in relation
to a spoon-fed dream
which would tempt me with all the things
I haven’t tasted.

And the war-needle of pity
would have me believe that’s something wrong,
something in me that turns away
all their treats-
they will not understand
or they refuse to accept
that even though I am not full,
I am not hungry.