Day 38 – Sushi Love

One roll,
Two rolls,
Three, four, five

Sushi on a Friday,
What a time to be alive

Spicy tuna,

Rolled and chopped in pieces
Is my favorite kind of meal


I’m happy as a panda
Sharing sushi rolls with you


Day 37 – Bedtime Banter

“Honey why’s there sugar in the bed?”

“Prolly ’cause your bod is so sweet.”

“No for real, were you eating those Peeps in bed again?”

“Who would ever eat those cute little things?”

“Quit playin’ and tell the truth.”

“Fine, it’s from you ’cause you so salty.”

“…I’m gonna go eat hot Cheetos in your bed, brb”


*End scene*


Day 2 – Someone Else’s Madness

Everyone’s welcome at this table,
everyone’s chair shoved in close from behind-
love to see ya,
come be one of us.

But grace takes too long
and only one gets a turn
and dinner can’t start
until he’s through

and we’re starving.

Now the platters have arrived-
as we lift off the covers,
some of us are digging right in.

But some of us are glancing ’round
for somebody to notice
it’s all rotten, all spoiled,
all wrong.

We can’t leave the table
and we can’t look away
as our friends smile
and eat ’til they’re full

and we’re starving.

This table was set for us all
but we’ll be dead
before¬†we eat someone else’s

The others will follow behind.

Year 2: Day 111 – Our Last Day On Earth

We ate acai berries and drank agave nectar
in the branches of the trees when the wind lay still;
we hollowed out flutes and painted our stomachs
and dug ’til our fingers were bleeding.

They asked us what we’d like to do
on our last day on Earth
and I thought it would be fitting
if we could reenact the first,

we braided vines and named the birds
and made up words to call the moon.
I saw an exit,
but we deserved to die.

Year 2: Day 55 – Spaghetti, Spaghotti

Spaghetti, spaghotti
in my Maserati
Spaghetti, spaghini
in my Lamborghini

I’d eat spaghetti anywhere
as long as it’s with you

Spaghetti, spaghuzzi
in my jacuzzi
Spaghetti, spaghet
in my jumbo jet

Of all the foods that money can buy
none are richer than this

Spaghetti, spaghee
that you made for me,
Spaghetti, spaghoo
that I eat with you