Day 39 – The Other Side

It’s so obvious
you can’t stand it:
you’re on the winning side
of history.

How could anybody not see
that simple logic?

They must be bad,
must be evil,
must be enemies of virtue

to want the kind of world
you don’t want.

So you’ll yell,
you might fight,
you could spend your whole life
on a cause you know is righteous
and you’ll never win.

No one will.
But at least they won’t,


Year 2: Day 133 – Evil Spirits

Evil spirits in my oatmeal,
stenches hiding in the back of my office;
there’s something very wrong in my days these days.

It was just last week that it was all copacetic,
it was just last week that something turned a corner,
that thing that borrowed my glasses
and gave them back a different shade.

It’s like coming out of an illness,
it’s like waking out of a long, deep sleep
and wondering what in the world happened
while you were out.

Suddenly none of this is okay anymore
and it’s the best true I’ve had in a while.

Suddenly I’m a big fish and there’s
a whole lot more gettin’ to get,
so I’ll take evil spirits-
I’ll gather them up in my hot air balloon
and ride spite to the edge of the world.