Day 44 – Exhale

Sure some things are going wrong
but if I forget about all that
a lot of things are good

I try to exhale all that poison
but the well comes up dry
and if there’s still a couple drops
there’s no harm
and who needs to know?


Day 38 – Sushi Love

One roll,
Two rolls,
Three, four, five

Sushi on a Friday,
What a time to be alive

Spicy tuna,

Rolled and chopped in pieces
Is my favorite kind of meal


I’m happy as a panda
Sharing sushi rolls with you

Day 31 – Good

I believe they have changed their minds
about me-
those who decided I was good
at first glance.

I never asked
for such favor
but fools will be quick
and it’s a shame
I can’t
sit still.

I’m glad they have changed their minds
about me
as I so often change my mind
about me


more than I want to be good,
I want to be true.

My John Cena Shirt

I wear my John Cena shirt
oh ho hey oh
I got a family to feed

I dig in the mines
and the gym
oh ho hey oh
I got a dream to buy

I vote for the president
oh ho ho hey oh
I got an axe to grind

I write my poems with sweat
at the discount store
oh ho
I’m the weekend kind

And I don’t waste time on flowers
I don’t eat cake
oh ho ho
I’m ok

Jerky in the bunker
I’m good ’til the world falls down
oh ho ho
I’m ok

I always kick out at two
and good always wins
oh ho ho
oh ho ho

I’ll never give up
oh ho oh ho ho ho
oh ho
oh ho ho ho

Year 2: Day 106 – Gooder Than Good

Ain’t it enough to be good no I wonna be gooder
pop out your eyeballz
make you say she’s the best break out of the patturns
the walls the forms the same old box
the just enough to rest and feel might dandy
when I shoud bleed as hard as I can.
There is a roof and I’m Gulliver.
My arms are sticking out teh windows
and I’m just smooshing because I can’t
get them back inside to punch a way owt.
I’m going to die good- Hey she was the biggest
one to get stuck somewhere ain’t that something
she must have drawers full of papers and lookit all the peopel
what say she good she good she good she good
but if I bust up the house
I won’t have a house.

Year 2: Day 101 – Life In The Grandfather Chair

It happened slowly,
what all of us evidently now accept-
that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger around here

All I did was sit;
I picked the red velour Grandfather Chair
that sits in the middle of the empty stage
and took out a book to read,
but I’ve done it often.

And they come,
they come as if summoned, as if
keeping an appointment, as if drawn,
four or five at a time who couldn’t stand to leave
without greeting.

And they leave
as soon as the conversation dies,
they let me go back to my book in peace,
they know what the quiet means to me,
and what my time has meant for them.

All I’ve done
was speak softly,
have a demeanor of calm, stay out
of the idle talk and resist the temptation
for theatrics.

In short,
I have assumed the characteristics
of a person who’d belong in the Grandfather Chair,
and it seems the rewards of that life
have come to me.