Radio Interview with The Magic Happens on Blog Talk Radio

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday yesterday- I know I did, and am now looking forward to a great new start in 2015!

I had a lovely chat today with blog reader Annette Rochelle Aben on her radio show The Magic Happens, chit-chatting about my book, Candy Pizza, this blog, and my perspective on writing, education, my job as a librarian, kids, my upcoming projects, etc. It was a lot of fun and, since I’ve never been on a radio show before, a check on my bucket list!

If you’ve got some extra time today while you’re relaxing off your Christmas-cookie coma, check out my interview and some of the other cool stuff at The Magic Happens.

Thanks to Annette for inviting me onto the show!

Blessings and happy reading,


Day 259 – A Librarian With No Tattoos

Picture yourself a librarian with no tattoos.
How will you cope with that?
You wear glasses except when you read,
pearls except when you run.
You’re exactly what you want to be,
exactly what’s expected of you.
But how will you cope with that,
when you have no tattoos?
You have no embarrassing ink to hide
from the children you love,
from your family and friends,
no secret words under your skirt.
You never want to be anything else,
you never want to get marked up,
so how do you cope with that,
that skin full of freckles and acne and scars
with nothing meaningful scribbled in secret
for a brave adventurer to find?
To be lacking but not missing ornamentation in this world,
how do you cope with that?