I has a podcast! And it’s not about poetry!

Do you like wrestling? It doesn’t matter. You like silly party games! You like listening to people talk about butts! You like that a person who was once a serious poet is now co-hosting a ridiculous podcast about wrestling with her boyfriend and BFF! You like that this world is a crazy place and you appreciate a good WTF moment. Well here it is.


A few years ago I would’ve said wrestling was a dumb fake sport that only preteen boys cared about. But a friend dragged me to a live show and I was immediately hooked. I’ve probably been to at least 50 live shows including NXT, Raw, NJPW, PWG, PCW, and Wrestlemania. I know way more about wrestling than probably any teacher should know and my students LOVE IT.

I’m also like, working on a book of children’s poetry but that’s a ways off. So in the meantime you can hear me and my buds play dumb games like:

  • What food does this wrestler’s hair look like?
  • Which two random wrestlers should totally date?
  • Which wrestlers would you take on a road trip?
  • Which dog breed would this wrestler be?

And more!

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Day 21 – Come Down

Come down
from your ivory tower-

come speak to us,
speak with us
like we do.

From way up there
no one can hear you
but the clouds.

If you want us to listen
you’ll have to do better.

Come down
and be one of us.

Day 4 – Wake Up

Wake up.

Careful, don’t try to move just yet.

You’ve been lying still a very long time,
your muscles don’t remember.


They’ve whispered to you in your abyss,
things you’ve absorbed.

They taught you to belong here,
to lie still,
to sleep,
to dream about letting go.

Don’t be upset.
You’ll need to be patient.
You’ll need to be on your guard.

Soon you’ll be ready
to face them.

Rest up;
tomorrow you’ll walk.

Year 2: Day 122 – Butt Ducks

I have this friend who is certifiably mad.
All the best people are, you know.

I know I’m not supposed to go
traipsing off with lunatics
but a tinfoil hat is not so far
from a fedora, after all.

Today he’s telling me about butt ducks.
He talks to animals, aliens too.
We are at a nude beach
and I am staring intently into a book
and listening.

We had apples and a honey bun
and some cheddar chips and orange juice
for breakfast-
I selected that meal because I wanted it
and he is not picky.
We are at the nude beach because he wanted to
and I am not picky.

Butt ducks are special birds which give you looks
and speak into your mind, “look over here”
and then lean forward in the water
to show you the moon and make you laugh.

They are for cheering you up when no one else will,
he says.

There are some of our wondering mutual friends
who say “Don’t get murdered” and “Come here instead”
but the heart of me is with people who are mad,
who leave their shorts with me,

and don’t mind if I close my eyes
and am comforted,
just listening to their crazed laughter.

Year 2: Day 118 – The Walls That Keep Us All Out

Big hurt in the collective heart,
teach me to feel another’s pain.
Teach me to see beyond camouflage,
costumes, facades, and masks,
beyond the walls that keep us all out.

Big heart of our collective pain,
teach me not to add my own hurt.
Teach me to speak boldly but gently,
to listen with more than one ear,
to tug at the walls that keep us all out.

Big heartbreak of Your heart,
teach me to be broken like You.
Teach me to press on through the shadows,
shining a tiny light
through the cracks of the walls that keep us all out.