Day 16 – Please


you might get to speak
just because
you want to.

There will be
an empty stage
and a number of
listening ears
nobody else
to step up





have something to say.


Year 2: Day 130 – Please Explain

Do you ever click your teeth with your fingernails,
feel how finite and fragile they are,
do you ever press your gums and think
how will they last?

“I spend a lot of time thinking about __________.”

You know if you look at a glass of water upside down
in your peripheral vision it seems like it’s filling,
from bottom to top,
but not if you look at it directly.

“Describe yourself.”

What do you do when you can’t sleep,
when your roommate has people over and it
doesn’t feel like your home,
where do you go,
or do you sleep in the car?

“List your strengths and weaknesses.”

My weakness is making lists,
is describing myself to others in the way they want,
is I’ve already told you but you cannot hear
that my weakness is my strength.

“Please explain.”

Day 269 – This Poem Has Nothing To Do With Mesothelioma

When the words aren’t coming out right
’cause you didn’t get enough sleep last night
and you can’t give it your best
because all you wanna do is rest
and you’re not particularly deep
because all you can think of is sleep
and you plunk down a lousy rhyme
counting the hours until bedtime
and you’re just puttin’ in your dues
’til you can catch a snooze
and you don’t care if it’s crap
’cause you could really use a nap,
when it’s as good as it’s gonna get
is this damn poem over yet-

I wanna be in a coma.

Day 197 – Say Please

All day barking into my eyeballs:
load paper into tray 1
plug phone into charger
enter password
install update
wash with like colors
stand clear of escalator-
efficiency never has to be polite.

Yet I must say
please do not touch me
please do not call me
please do not step on my feet
please turn in your homework
please can I just get some water,
I’m going to please die of please heatstroke

and please politicians and please public figures
and please please role models like me
pleasing each other, pleased to be pleased
and so pleased to appease, pleased to please

and if dehydration take me at last,
so reverently, so cordially I’ll go
without a fuss, without a mess
and without so much as a ‘thank you’
from efficiency.