I has a podcast! And it’s not about poetry!

Do you like wrestling? It doesn’t matter. You like silly party games! You like listening to people talk about butts! You like that a person who was once a serious poet is now co-hosting a ridiculous podcast about wrestling with her boyfriend and BFF! You like that this world is a crazy place and you appreciate a good WTF moment. Well here it is.


A few years ago I would’ve said wrestling was a dumb fake sport that only preteen boys cared about. But a friend dragged me to a live show and I was immediately hooked. I’ve probably been to at least 50 live shows including NXT, Raw, NJPW, PWG, PCW, and Wrestlemania. I know way more about wrestling than probably any teacher should know and my students LOVE IT.

I’m also like, working on a book of children’s poetry but that’s a ways off. So in the meantime you can hear me and my buds play dumb games like:

  • What food does this wrestler’s hair look like?
  • Which two random wrestlers should totally date?
  • Which wrestlers would you take on a road trip?
  • Which dog breed would this wrestler be?

And more!

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52 Flashes Of Fiction: Week 21 – The Absence Of A Thing

I am not married nor engaged to be married; that’s neither a good nor a bad thing, it just is. You can tell my current state by looking at my fingers. I don’t have a ring. But there’s a lot you can’t tell just by the absence of a thing, just like many people don’t have cancer. It doesn’t mean they never did.

There are many people whose rings get dropped down the garbage disposal, or eaten by dogs, or tossed in a salad, or stolen off nightstands. The absence of a thing says nothing about whether it existed. Neither does it say anything about how much it was loved when it was there. It says nothing about how it was or was not cared for, only that it must be no longer. It must be.

The same is true for people- we know they can and do vanish. A person being gone says nothing, really. Just like the absence of an engagement ring says nothing much, tells nothing certain about you. For that I’m glad.

Because I had one once, for about thirty seconds- the longest thirty seconds of my life. But the absence of a thing cannot tell that story.