I has a podcast! And it’s not about poetry!

Do you like wrestling? It doesn’t matter. You like silly party games! You like listening to people talk about butts! You like that a person who was once a serious poet is now co-hosting a ridiculous podcast about wrestling with her boyfriend and BFF! You like that this world is a crazy place and you appreciate a good WTF moment. Well here it is.


A few years ago I would’ve said wrestling was a dumb fake sport that only preteen boys cared about. But a friend dragged me to a live show and I was immediately hooked. I’ve probably been to at least 50 live shows including NXT, Raw, NJPW, PWG, PCW, and Wrestlemania. I know way more about wrestling than probably any teacher should know and my students LOVE IT.

I’m also like, working on a book of children’s poetry but that’s a ways off. So in the meantime you can hear me and my buds play dumb games like:

  • What food does this wrestler’s hair look like?
  • Which two random wrestlers should totally date?
  • Which wrestlers would you take on a road trip?
  • Which dog breed would this wrestler be?

And more!

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Year 2: Day 2 – Silly Rabbits

I saaaw an evergreen evergreen
It juuumped right out in fronta me
‘Cuz twooo numb-headed rabbits were
scurrying, scurrying
right along side-a me

They weeere some kinda wonderful
In snooow, brown as a candy bar
I waaas watchin’ for the fox to come
blessedly, hungrily
from behind an evergreen

If III’d been a better student of
all theee forest has to teach of love
I’d haaave known what ever happened to
a pair of hares and a bear
hid behind an evergreen